Engineering Expertise & Experience

What started US Chrome 75 years ago, were engineers trying to come up with a better solution for coating metal parts. Our investment in research and development from our experienced engineering team has always set US Chrome apart from its competitors. It has given us the capability of depositing precision, uniform coatings of chromium on a variety of shapes, contours and surfaces on a variety of base metals, machined parts and an infinite number of products.

To this day, it’s our research and development and our engineering experience and expertise that continues to drive U.S. Chrome.  It continues to make us one of the industry leaders in the innovation of new, high quality, precision, performance coating technologies, services and products. 

The entire US Chrome team, takes great pride in being a solutions provider for every customer. From the simplest coating requests, to the most difficult hard chrome plating jobs. U.S. Chrome believes in providing every customer a responsive, knowledgeable solutions that best fit their needs.

You can see our engineering experience and expertise validated in several ways:


US Chrome holds more certifications than many companies in our business. We qualify for these because of our ability to consistantly deliver and maintain the most rigid production standards iand industry requiremnets as well as best practices in work saftey and product handeling. To see or download our certifications click the following link.  See our certifications.

Industries We Serve

Some of the industries that U.S. Chrome serves that have exacting standards to meet include: Military, NASA, the aerospace, health care, printing and automotive industry, especial high performance auto and marine engines.

Our Clients

US Chrome has clients from a wide range of industries, from the Military, Aeronautics, Optics, Agriculture, Oil & Gas and Alternative Energy Industires clients. Most choose US Chrome for our high quality, precision coating and engineering expertise.

Your job is no different! US Chrome would love to have you as our client. To us, there is no job to simple for us and we are without a doubt, the company you want to talk to when the job is complex. Every client benefits from engineering experience and expertise whether it’s from the ultimate quality our coating processes delivers to the solutions we provide for complex coating issues. Request a quote from us today and we will show you why you should choose Us Chrome.

Oil & Gas