Other Types of Chromium Plating

Below are some other types of Chromium for use in industrial hard chrome plating

Thin Dense Chrome

Die with 0.0002 Thin Dense Chrome deposit

Thin Dense Chrome is electroplated chromium with a thickness generally 0.0001" to 0.0002" where the chromium structure is more dense. This dense condition of thin dense chrome is created by using specific bath chemistry combined with tailored application techniques. These carefully monitored parameters produce a uniform thin dense coating thickness while maintaining tight tolerances.


Features & Benefits

  • Increased Wear Life – Typical hardness between 65-70 HRc
  • Good Heat Resistance Maintain original tolerances of component with no finishing operation after plating
  • Excellent corrosion protection – dependent on such factors as surface finish, porosity, base metal, corrosive media, etc.

Typical Applications

Dies, aircraft, medical parts.

Crackfree Chromium

Bore/rifling of gun barrels electropolished and chrome plated 0.0004 thick chromium

Crackfree chrome is an electroplated version of Industrial Hard Chrome but as the name implies, does not exhibit the crack pattern inherent in Industrial Hard Chrome.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Wear resistance – similar to IHC although slightly softer at 65 Rc
  • Superior corrosion protection – lack of cracks in the deposit is advantageous
  • Greater thickness (up to 0.0005) achievable compared to Thin Dense Chrome

Typical Applications

Commercial hydraulics, Ordinance/Rifle Barrels, ID parts subjected to wear and corrosive gases, etc.


Typical Applications

An infinite variety of applications in the machine tool, automotive, computer, agriculture, energy, oil & gas, mining and aerospace industries.