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U.S. Chrome is one of the global pioneers in plating as the first company to successfully electroplate onto aluminum substrates. In 1979, we began electroplating aluminum powersport engine cylinder bores and in the years since we have plated well over 1 million cylinders. We are also revered as the power sport industry experts in engine cylinder honing.

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For engine cylinder work, please visit our U.S. Chrome of Wisconsin Power Sports Website

What is NiCom used for and where can I learn more about it?

NiCom is a patented nickel composite coating that is used to increase the hardness and lubricity of engine cylinders, including snowmobiles, dirt bikes, ATV/UTVs, motorcycles, and marine. To learn more, please visit the US Chrome of Wisconsin NiCom website,

Who uses NiCom for better engine cylinder performance?

Along with our hundreds of thousands of fans, the U. S. Chrome NiCom process is endorsed by performance racing icons such as Mercury Marine, GM/Corvette Racing, RK Tek, Racin Station, Marchbank/Boyd Racing, MCB Performance, Sled Head Racing, JM Racing and Kustom Kraft, Rex Hall and Diamond Marine.

Why choose NiCom for your engine cylinder?

Our patented NiCom coating and proprietary plating processes allow us to provide the most consistently diamond hard cylinder coating possible. No matter if your engine cylinder is standard size or big bore, we will create the roundest, straightest bore possible, that will never streak, scuff, or stripe, even under the most demanding conditions.

You won’t find another engine cylinder plating, cylinder honing or cylinder boring company which has our experience, technical depth and business integrity. We want you to be one of our satisfied dealers, powersports racers, weekend riders, and design engineers. We are the original, and still the best.

Is NiCom environmentally safe?

NiCom is an eco-friendly option. All solid waste from the plating process is 100% recycled and reused into stainless steel.

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