“We absolutely recommend US Chrome”

The Project 

The chromed tooling on a machine was damaged during transportation and exposed to moisture, causing corrosion damage. US Chrome stripped away the faulty chrome, and then re-plated the tooling to the correct dimensions.

Quality plating

“We brought a machine in from one of our vendors, and there were some problems during transportation that affected some of the chromed tooling. Parts of the tooling were exposed to moisture for a long period, over the course of a couple months, while it was packaged. The moisture got in there and the tools, most of them, were corroded. Not only were the tools damaged from the moisture during shipping, but also the amount of chrome on the tools was actually pretty thin. So we had a problem there, too.


“We called US Chrome to fix the parts, and they offered to help us out. They stripped away the faulty chrome on the parts, and then re-plated it to the correct diameter with a much thicker layer of chrome.”


Efficient service

“US Chrome did a great job rehabbing the poor quality components. As they were working, some additional defects in the parts from the original manufacturing were found. Taking into account these unknown issues, US Chrome was on schedule with the original plan and delivered the parts in better condition than when we first received them. This was our first time working with US Chrome, but we absolutely recommend them to others.”


–Alex Grenning, Mechanical Engineer

The Aquasol Corporation

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