“US Chrome exceeded my expectations”

 The Project: 

Centerline Tool & Engineering needed specialized pharmaceutical tools plated to a 5 root mean square (RMS) value, and had struggled reaching that mark on their own for 20 years. US Chrome Corp was able to grind the part to a higher RMS value than the 5 that was specified, providing a superior shine and finish.


 Solved our problem on the first try.

“We found US Chrome online when I became desperate for a plating company that could meet the strict finish specifications for specialized pharmaceutical tools we machine. For the past 20 years I have had trouble with these particular parts, and would spend a lot of time trying to achieve a good enough finish. The RMS value required is actually better than a mirror, which is very hard to achieve.


“US Chrome was able to grind the parts to a better finish than the required 5 RMS. They exceeded my expectations on this job, and they were able to solve our problem on the first try. The turnaround on my order was very good, and Jon Miller was great to work with. I would absolutely recommend US Chrome, and I already have another job lined up that I plan on sending them.”

George Nason, Owner


About Centerline Tool & Engineering:

Centerline Tool & Engineering is a family owned machine shop that was founded over 20 years ago. They use a numerical controlled machining system to produce quality parts for high speed packaging machinery, pharmaceuticals, electronics, aircraft, and other industries.  Centerline Tool & Engineering operates out of Bradenton, Florida, but ships their products nationwide.