US Chrome, Aerospace Specialty Coated Piston Rods
Aerospace Specialty Coated Piston Rods

The Project

When an aerospace engineering firm needs specialty chrome plated piston rods, shock absorbers or outside cylinders, they turn to US Chrome Corp to follow the process properly and meet exact customer specifications on every job.

Quality Plating

“With thicknesses ranging from .001" to .03" we have relied on US Chrome to handle our unique orders for 15 years. They do a lot of specialty work for us, and it always turns out well. Whether we need chrome plating for piston rods, or hydrogen embrittlement relief baking for high alloy steel chromed parts, the end result is always a high quality finish exactly to the specifications we request.”

 Efficient Service

“Other chrome platers don’t always follow through on the specifications, so we’ll have to send back the order to be redone. The nice thing about US Chrome is that they always get the job done right the first time without any rejections or delays. They are easily the best quality hard chrome plating company that we use.

“I would absolutely recommend US Chrome because of the quality of their work and their attention to detail. They always put in extra time to verify the specifications are correct to make sure all of the parts arrive finished and ready to go. It is amazing how much time they put into it and the quality of the work we see from them. If you need high quality plating, US Chrome is the company for you.”

Mike Cecere, Product Design Engineer