The Project

For 90 years, this diversified technology and manufacturing company has led the way in engineering vibration, motion and noise control solutions. When they need high quality chrome plating for helicopter components, they choose US Chrome.


Expedited Service

“We send components to US Chrome on a weekly basis for chrome plating, and we always get them back in a timely manner. My job is expediting, so I generally only deal with the parts we need immediately. But having worked with US Chrome for 15 years, I know I can count on them to do exactly what we need them to do.”

 Excellent Communication

“We have a really good working relationship with US Chrome. A lot of that is a result of their ability to communicate with us. There are no surprises when we place an order with them. If something is happening with the order, or I have a question for them, we always hear back from them right away.

“I would absolutely recommend US Chrome. They’re very good at what they do, and there is a reason we’ve been relying on them for 15 years. When you’re dealing with aerospace components, strict adherence to the specifications is vital to success. US Chrome has never let us down.”

-Frank P.