US Chrome has been helping engineers find solutions to surface coating challenges for more than 70 years. Our collaborative R&D program has perfected precision hard chrome plating and created a family of composite coatings for industries seeking alternatives for chrome. These are some of the reasons why many of the best companies in the world work with US Chrome.

Allow us to quote your next job. We are very interested in working with you on your plating applications. We're confident US Chrome will be your best quote because of our engineering approach, exceptional customer service, and regional locations. Call or email us with your questions or coating challenges. We'll help you find answers.

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Case Studies

U.S. Chrome helps Mercury Racing boost the HP from 1350 to 1650.

U.S. Chrome has been providing high performance coatings since 1940. It's not a tag line for us, we live it! When it comes to the

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Orbiting Satellite Rescued by U.S. Chrome Process Engineers

A creative repair solution from US Chrome Engineers fixes error on zero defect tolerance Titanium part, salvaging program budget and launch sc

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