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Flash Chrome

Flash Chrome Plating

When engineers desire a hard coating surface treatment that will be able to withstand light wear and corrosion while conforming to precision fit tolerances, flash chrome is one of the most widely used options. Flash chrome plating is ideal for applications where post plating processes are not practical.

Over the years, U.S. Chrome has flash chrome plated for a wide variety of applications in every industry. What has defined our chrome plating services is the ability to offer the exacting solutions that are needed for each application. Let our precision plating team engineer a solution for your application.

Features & Benefits of Flash Chrome Plating

  • Perfect for light wear applications
  • Conforming to tight tolerances
  • Improved wear, surface hardness, & scratch resistance
  • Reduced coefficient of friction
  • Corrosion protection
  • Improved release properties
  • Superior bond strength to base metal

US Chrome is one of the few companies that has large flash chrome plating tanks able to accommodate up to 20 foot length and 8 tons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is flash chrome Plating?

Flash chrome electroplating is similar to industrial hard chrome electroplating, in that it is plated in a bath of chromic acid, but the electroplating process is completed rather quickly as the desired thickness is much smaller. Flash chrome plating adds a very thin layer of chromium generally consisting of deposits with a thickness of 0.0002” to 0.0005”. This thin layer of chromium allows for a hard coated finish on surfaces with close tolerances.

Hard chrome vs. flash chrome

Flash Chrome results in a thin layer of chrome that is suitable for applications needing light wear and corrosion protection, reduced coefficient of friction, improved release properties, and with tighter tolerances where post plating processes are not practical.

Hard chrome is suitable for applications that require enhanced wear and corrosion resistance, a reduced coefficient of friction, and often requires a post plate machine operation to achieve the specific size and surface finish.

What types of materials can be flash chrome plated?

Flash chrome can be electroplated on many types of metals, but the chemistry required to do so is different depending on the substrate. This can be a difficult task to get right when plating manufactured components. U.S. Chrome offers flash chrome plating on many surfaces including Aluminum, Titanium, Inconel, Brass, Copper, Steel, Nickel Alloys, Cast Iron, Bronze and many more exotic metals.

What applications use flash chrome?

Flash chrome plating is widely used for applications with very close tolerances and where material build up is unwanted. Applications where a thicker coating would be disadvantageous come from every industry including aerospace, medical, and defense. These applications benefit from the corrosion resistance, low wear, and reduced galling, along with a smoother release.

does U.S. Chrome offer Flash Chrome plating near me?

U.S. Chrome offers flash chrome plating services at our IllinoisNew YorkOhio, and Connecticut locations. Each location is strategically located for fast and efficient delivery to anywhere in the United States and across the globe.

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