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Defense Plating

Military & Defense Plating Services

When it comes to plating parts and components that will be used in the military and defense world, precision is a must. Engineering and purchasing departments need a partner they can trust to deliver when specifications need to be exact and adhered to. The manufacturers that we work with know that US Chrome maintains the attention to detail necessary in providing parts that will be successful in the field. We know that our plating service has an important role, and our quality is counted on, no matter what harsh environment it is used in.

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We have been helping engineers find solutions to surface coating challenges for over 80 years.

Metal plating for the defense industry

From drone cylinders to firearms parts, metal plating offers a variety of benefits that will improve durability, reduce wear and corrosion, and extend life in the field. It is essential to choose a partner who has experience with the varying specifications used. With over 80 years in metal plating, we have the background with those military specifications to plate your parts precisely every time.

Electroplating for military/department of defense bids

From conducting studies for the US Army to providing new technology for next-gen weapon systems, we have the knowledge and experience to help you win your next defense bid. Military applications have been using hard coatings for decades, and since 1940 we have been plating those same hard coatings on products around the globe.

Hard chrome for military applications

Hard chrome plating has been used on military and defense applications for several decades. The surface benefits that hard chrome provides include increased hardness, sliding wear and corrosion resistance and high heat mitigation. Hard chrome plating for defense applications can be found on equipment used by the armed forces such as the gun barrels and bolt carrier groups for rifles, or within their transportation such as hydraulic piston rods, crankshafts and more.

Benefits to plating defense components

Parts for the Defense industry we plate

Some of the more common parts we plate for the defense industry include Firearms Barrels, Bolt Carriers, Gas Keys, Firing Pins, Hydraulic Piston Rods and Crank Shafts. Contact us to discuss your plating needs.

NiCom for military applications

The primary use of NiCom in the defense industry is for engine cylinders in drones. Absorbent silicon carbide particles that are dispersed uniformly make NiCom not only incredibly hard and resistant to wear, but also act as reservoirs for holding and retaining oil, creating consistent lubricity, long lasting friction reduction, and increasing overall performance.

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