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Industrial Hard Chrome Plating

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Hard chrome is an electroplated surface finish that is also known as industrial hard chrome, functional chrome, and engineering chrome. When designing machine components, engineers often combine a base metal, or substrate, with a surface finish to achieve the quality, efficiency, and reliability desired in their product. Of the numerous hard coating surface finishes available, industrial hard chrome plating continues to be one of the most popular.


Over the years, U.S. Chrome has provided electroplating services for a wide assortment of applications in every industry imaginable. Examples include bearings, housings, shafts, and numerous other components in various industries. What has defined our chrome plating services is the ability to hold tight tolerances when depositing chromium on all metal surfaces, including aluminum and titanium as well as other metal substrates.

Features & Benefits of Hard Chrome Plating

  • Increased hardness of HRC 65-70
  • Excellent sliding wear resistance
  • Great abrasion resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Excellent release properties
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • High heat mitigation
  • Superior bond strength to base metal

U.S. Chrome is one of the few companies that has large hard chrome plating tanks able to accommodate up to 20 foot length and 8 tons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hard chrome plating?

Hard chrome plating, also sometimes called chromium plating, is an electroplating process in which a layer of chromium is deposited onto a surface. This layer of chromium protects and extends the life of the part by improving wear resistance, reducing the coefficient of friction, and increasing mild corrosion resistance. These coatings can be applied in a wide range of thicknesses from as low as 0.0002” to 0.020” or more.

What are the advantages?

Other than its functional advantages of wear, temperature, and corrosion resistance, hard chrome plating provides many advantages when used by manufacturers looking for a coating solution on large scale production jobs. With the right setup, applying a hard chrome finish is quick, easy, and efficient, making turn times faster. Our investment in engineering proprietary precision plating processes allows us to offer a lower cost solution to our customers and cover those hard-to-plate areas.

Hard Chrome Specifications

We plate to many different hard chrome specifications including, but not limited to:

  • Aerospace Material Specification SAE AMS2406, Plating, Chromium Hard Deposit
  • Aerospace Material Specification SAE AMS2460 | AMS-QQ-C-320, Plating, Chromium
  • ASTM B650 Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Engineering Chromium Coatings on Ferrous Substrates
  • MIL-C-23422 Military Specification, Chromium Plating, Electrodeposited
  • MIL-STD-171 Department of Defense Manufacturing Process Standard: Finishing of Metal and Wood Surfaces
  • MIL-STD-1501 Department of Defense Standard Practice: Chromium Plating, Low Embrittlement, Electrodeposition
  • Aerospace Material Specification SAE AMS2438 Plating, Chromium Thin, Hard, Dense Deposit
  • Aerospace Standard SAE AS9102, Aerospace First Article Inspection Requirement
  • General Dynamics A10357, Process for Chromium Plating Internal Gun Barrel Surfaces
  • BF Goodrich BFGES 6.131, Chrome Plating
  • BF Goodrich BFGES 6.194, Chrome Plating on High Strength Steel (220 KSI)
  • Honeywell FI 1090, Flash Chrome Plating on Nitrided Surfaces
  • Hamilton Sundstrand HS246, Plating, Chromium, Process Specification for
  • Hamilton Sundstrand HS332, Precision Chromium Plating
  • Hamilton Sundstrand HS5036, Titanium Parts, Process Specification
  • Hamilton Sundstrand HS13472, Acceptance of Chromium Plated Parts, Penetrant Inspection
  • Parker Aerospace BPS4517, Class 2, Type 2, Chromium Plating, Dense (Electrodeposited)
  • Pratt & Whitney SPOP 22, Chroming Plating on Steel
  • Sikorsky SS8429, Chrome Plating on Steel
  • Sikorsky SS8495, Chrome Plating & Nickel Plating on Aluminum

See more of our hard chrome specifications and certifications.

How hard Does the Surface Finish become?

Hard chrome plating creates a harder surface than most other industrial coatings, measuring between 65-70 HRC. Industrial applications that require extremely hard surfaces to accommodate the stress of heavy use will need hard chrome. View the physical and chemical properties of hard chrome.

What is the difference between chrome and hard chrome?

The key differences between chrome and hard chrome lies in the aesthetics and durability of the finishes. Chrome, also referred to as decorative chrome, is typically copper and/or nickel underlayment with a cosmetic type of chrome that is polished to give a mirror like finish. Chrome finishes are typically used on car parts, tools, and kitchen utensils.

US Chrome does not offer decorative chrome services.


Compared to decorative chrome, hard chrome is dull in looks. Where hard chrome lacks in aesthetics, it performs in durability. Hard chrome plating creates a very hard surface that is resistant to wear, corrosion and high temperatures. Hard chrome finishes are typically used in industrial applications such as hydraulics, actuator housings, and ball valves.

What types of materials can be hard chrome plated?

Hard chrome can be plated on many types of metals, but the chemistry required to do so is different depending on the substrate. This can be a difficult task to get right when plating manufactured components. U.S. Chrome is able to perform electroplating on many different surfaces including any ferrous and non-ferrous metals including chrome plating aluminum and titanium electroplating, as well as Inconel, Brass, Copper, Steel, Nickel Alloys, Cast Iron, Bronze and many more exotic metals.

What applications use hard chrome?

Hard chrome is widely used in many applications spanning across every industry such as aerospace and agriculture equipment parts. Some common applications include hydraulics, valves, crankshafts, piston rods, bailing hooks, harvester rolls, actuator housings, injection molds, dies, rod cylinders and rollers.

Does U.S. Chrome offer Hard Chrome Plating near me?

U.S. Chrome offers hard chrome precision plating services at our Illinois, New York, Ohio, and Connecticut locations. Each location is strategically located for fast and efficient delivery to anywhere in the United States and across the globe.

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