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Electroless Nickel

Electroless Nickel Plating

U.S. Chrome offers “Mid-Phos” (5% to 8%) and “High-Phos” (10% to 12%) electroless nickel plating.

Electroless Nickel plating (EN), also known as autocatalytic nickel, is a micro crystalline to amorphous, hardenable nickel-phosphorous alloy coating. It offers a good barrier coating corrosion resistance. It is generally applied to a thickness range of 25 to 150 microns (0.0001” to 0.0015”) typically does not require further surface finishing, machining, or grinding after plating.

During the plating process, the autocatalytic reaction between the nickel and the reducing agent in the plating bath deposits nickel onto metal substrates without the use of anodes and electrical current, hence the name “electroless”. Since no high or low current densities exist, a very uniform thickness of deposits over irregular shapes can be achieved.

Features & Benefits of E-Nickel Plating

  • Best plating for corrosion resistance
  • Deposits nickel uniformly
  • Heat resistant up to 540°C (1000°F)
  • Good durability
  • Superior bond strength to base metal

During the electroless nickel plating process, it can be heat treated at relatively low temperatures (400° to 450°C) to achieve higher hardness (up to 1000 HVN); however, corrosion resistance is reduced.

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What are the advantages of electroless nickel?

This metal surface finish has many functional advantages when used on parts and components. Firstly, it has excellent corrosion resistance. For instance, it is able to withstand 48-100 hours of salt spray testing (ASTM B-117). Secondly, when the nickel is deposited, it is deposited uniformly no matter the parts geometry. During the plating process, there is no current density distribution inherent in electrolytic processes. U.S. Chrome also offers a proprietary plating method for applying EN to aluminum alloys.

What specifications does U.S. Chrome e-nickel plate to?

We plate to many different specifications including, but not limited to, AMS2433, ASTM B733, AMS2404, MIL-C-26074. To see more of our specifications, click here.

What materials can E-Nickel be plated on?

We can apply E-Nickel to a variety of substrates. While we plate it to many materials, some of the more common include aluminum, steel, bronze, copper, titanium, and plastic.

What applications use electroless nickel?

For many applications, it is applied as a barrier coating in addition to industrial chrome plating. As a result of using these two coatings, the parts and components have the ultimate in corrosion and wear resistance. Typical applications include plastic and glass molds, bearings, gears, medical parts, and aerospace components. In short, no matter the application, electroless nickel is the best plating for corrosion resistance.

does U.S. Chrome offer electroless nickel Near Me?

U.S. Chrome offers electroless nickel at our IllinoisOhio, and Connecticut locations. Each facility is strategically located for fast and efficient delivery to anywhere in America and across the globe. If you are looking for an alternative to e-nickel, please visit our sister company, USC Technologies.

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