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Medical Plating

Medical Device Plating Services

The medical industry has a wide variety of devices that require plating, and U.S. Chrome is helping these medical device manufacturers find the right coating to make their products the best. Our proprietary tooling techniques, engineering capabilities, and customer service are some of the many reasons medical manufacturers and suppliers trust us. Our tooling is custom designed and made in-house to bring our customers a level of quality and repeatability that is unmatched.

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Metal Plating & Finishing Services for the Medical Industry

The plating of medical devices requires precision engineering, quality output, and repeatability. Certifications of quality standards, like Nadcap and ISO, assist us in providing high quality solutions for chrome on titanium, chrome on aluminum, electroless nickel and thin dense chrome. In addition, we recognize the vital importance of proper processing. From handling and documentation to inspection and packaging, the medical devices that we plate receive the utmost attention to detail.

Why is metal finishing used for medical devices?

Using a metal finish, such as thin dense chrome or electroless nickel, on either the inner or outer surface of a part, will add tangible benefits. As medical technology advances, the need for these benefits become immensely more crucial to its success. Medical engineers are looking to U.S. Chrome to provide accurate and precise coatings that meet thickness and tolerance specifications.

Medical Parts We Plate

Some of the more common medical device parts we plate include Adapter Tubes, Block Ports, Upper Tubes, Port Receptacles and Inlet Pins. Contact us to discuss your medical device plating needs.

Benefits to plating medical devices

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