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Oil & Gas Plating

Oil & Gas Plating Services

U.S. Chrome has become a plating solutions provider for many oil and gas equipment manufacturers ensuring their equipment functions optimally under the most demanding conditions and environments. From sea water to desert sand, the protection of parts and components against corrosion, wear, heat, and damage are most critical. Our plating services of hard chrome and electroless nickel, or a combination of the two, will help increase the longevity of your parts and reduce repairs.

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What are the benefits of using surface coatings on oil & gas applications?

Hard chrome and electroless nickel both apply a protective coating to parts with metal surfaces. Each coating offers a different form of protection though.

Hard Chrome:
The use of hard chrome plating provides a barrier that increases hardness and heat mitigation. This will help to reduce any damage from drilling, or the heat generated. Hard chrome also increases sliding wear and abrasion resistance, increasing the longevity of the part. For parts that will be subjected to high pressures, an industrial chrome coating can withstand pressures up to 30,000 psi.

Electroless Nickel: To resist the highly corrosive environments that oil and gas parts are subjected to, applications are most commonly plated with electroless nickel. Electroless nickel, or EN, can withstand 48-100 hours of ASTM B-117 salt spray testing, which is a long time to be subjected to this type of element.

For the ultimate in corrosion and wear protection, electroless nickel will be applied as a barrier coating under hard chrome.

Parts we Plate for the Oil & Gas Industry

Some of the more common parts we plate for the oil and gas industry include Ball Valves, Chambers, Crankshafts, Gas Pistons, Hydraulic Piston Rods and Hydraulic Rams. Contact us to discuss your part plating needs.

Metal coatings for Oil & Gas applications

The oil & gas industry contains a wide variety of parts and components, each of which will be exposed to a harsh, demanding environment. Some of the most common applications that we plate include:

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