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Why US Chrome?

What makes us different?

U.S. Chrome has been defining quality, precision, and innovation in the chrome plating industry for over 80 years. Here are a few of the reasons why US Chrome is set apart from the rest.

The Highest Quality

Over 80 years ago, U.S. Chrome developed a proprietary hard chrome plating process that offered superior coating quality, compared to traditional hard chrome plating methods.

Engineering Expertise & Experience

Our investment in research and development has always set U.S. Chrome apart from its competitors. From plating processes to innovative new coatings, our team is engineering solutions to complicated problems.

The Success of Client Projects

We always have, and always will, put the needs of our clients first. We strive to complete projects that will not only satisfy them but make their jobs easier. By always putting our clients first, we build fair and lasting relationships that are beneficial to both parties.

Think U.S. Chrome

We have been helping engineers find solutions to surface coating challenges for over 80 years.

The Highest Quality

Our proprietary plating processes create a superior finish on anything that we plate. These methods have been tried, tested, and proved to be better than traditional plating processes. These processes and techniques helped grow U.S. Chrome’s business into the industry leader it is today. 

The U.S. Chrome plating process is considered to be the ultimate in quality and precision in hard chromium plating. As you evaluate the company you choose to do your hard chrome plating, it’s worth knowing what makes our process so much better than the others.

Eliminates Grinding

Reliability and extreme accuracy are critical. The U.S. Chrome method and approach for precision plating has successfully coated production parts for years. First, bores are electropolished and then precision plated to final blueprint dimensions and surface finish.

Controls Edge Build-Up For Heavy Deposits

The U.S. Chrome process provides uniformity of deposition and control of any edge “build-up.” The combination of these features, in addition to rigid federal/military standards, guarantee reliable product design.

Plating Capabilities On A Wide Variety Of Base Metals

Deposits cannot be separated through peeling, chipping, or flaking due to the molecular bond of chromium in basis metals that the U.S. Chrome plating process provides. Rugged durability against seizure, galling and wear are guaranteed through our process of providing a hard chromium deposit and a chromium plated aluminum engine which demands superior bond strength.

Deposits Chromium Uniformly On Irregular Shapes

Our proprietary plating process provides precision chroming and electroplating in uniform deposits. This process increases the ability of chromium to plate in difficult recessed areas. Our ability to uniformly plate the recessed areas of molds, or dies, protects and prevents them from corrosion and abrasion as it will for any critical items you have, assuring you a longer life for your product.

U.S. Chrome meets the exacting requirements of the military and NASA as well as the aerospace, medical and precision manufacturing industries. When exacting, durable and reliable standards are required, companies call US Chrome. Our certifications and list of well-known companies says it all. It also gives you the assurance and confidence that you are getting a superior level of quality.  If you want more for your money or have an upcoming job with exacting standards, have us quote your job! 

Engineering Expertise & Experience

We would like to hang our hats on 80 years of experience, but we know we can’t stop there. Our investment in R&D has always set U.S. Chrome apart from its competitors. It has given us the capability of depositing precision, uniform coatings of chromium on a variety of shapes, contours, and surfaces on a variety of base metals, machined parts and an infinite number of products.

To this day, it is our research and development and our engineering experience and expertise that continues to drive U.S. Chrome to be one of the industry leaders in the innovation of new, high quality, precision, performance coating technologies, services, and products.

Better Coating Process

The U.S. Chrome plating process for industrial chromium plating has been recognized as one of the most dependable, scientifically controlled methods of incorporating the metallurgical properties of chromium into an infinite variety of products.

Fewer Rejected Parts

Failed, rejected or imperfect coating of your parts cost you money in the material and work you put into them. Our precision plating services means fewer rejected parts.

A Setup That Makes A Difference

An appropriate setup before coating will result in a better, more consistent coating quality with less cleanup work from imperfections on the part afterwards.


Certifications include ISO Certification and NADCAP Certification, among others. We are also RoHS and REACH Compliant. See our complete list of certifications.

Industries We Serve

Some of the industries that U.S. Chrome serves include: military, aerospace, medical, alternative energy and agriculture. Learn more about the industries we serve.

Client Testimonials

“We found US Chrome online when I became desperate for a plating company that could meet the strict finish specifications for specialized pharmaceutical tools we machine. For the past 20 years I have had trouble with these particular parts, and would spend a lot of time trying to achieve a good enough finish. The RMS value required is actually better than a mirror, which is very hard to achieve."
George N.
“US Chrome did a great job rehabbing the poor quality components. As they were working, some additional defects in the parts from the original manufacturing were found. Taking into account these unknown issues, US Chrome was on schedule with the original plan and delivered the parts in better condition than when we first received them. This was our first time working with US Chrome, but we absolutely recommend them to others.”
Alex G.
Mechanical Engineer
“I’ve been going to US Chrome for thirty years, and they’ve always been a great company to work with. They've finished lots of different jobs for me, such as chrome plating, ID grinding, and ID chrome, and they really know what they’re doing. They've finished tricky parts on more than one job for us, including products for medical use and the military. I highly recommend US Chrome.”
Nevio M.
“This was our first time working with US Chrome, but we were so impressed with the results that we already have another job set up with them. The next piece we are sending to them is 2,000 lbs and will be completed at the Illinois branch, which has the capacity to handle much larger jobs. I’m sure if I ever need something else done, I’m going to call on US Chrome again.”
Tom T.
“We have a really good working relationship with US Chrome. A lot of that is a result of their ability to communicate with us. There are no surprises when we place an order with them. If something is happening with the order, or I have a question for them, we always hear back from them right away.
Frank P.
“Other chrome platers don’t always follow through on the specifications, so we’ll have to send back the order to be redone. The nice thing about US Chrome is that they always get the job done right the first time without any rejections or delays. They are easily the best quality hard chrome plating company that we use.
Mike C.
Product Design Engineer

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