US Chrome has been helping engineers find solutions to surface coating challenges for more than 70 years. Our collaborative R&D program has perfected precision hard chrome plating and created a family of composite coatings for industries seeking alternatives for chrome. These are some of the reasons why many of the best companies in the world work with US Chrome.

Our Chrome Plating Capabilities Include:

Hard Chrome
We've been doing industrial hard chrome plating for numerous industries since 1940. A popular coating choice for its durability and reliability, hard chromium options include:

    • Chromium on Aluminum
    • Chromium on Titanium
    • Other Types of Chromium

Custom plating any size - Do you have a very large part that needs plating, or are you restoring one to spec, from wear, corrosion & friction? We can help.

Learn more about Hard Chrome vs. Flash Chrome

Chrome Alternatives

We're a leading innovator
of hard chrome plating alternatives including environmentally friendly chrome alternative coatings. Options include:

    • NiCom (Nickasil) and TriCom
    • Electroless Nickel
    • "Green" Coatings
    • For more information on Chrome Alternatives
      go to

Plated Cylinder Services
A worldwide leader in performance cylinder plating, we fully restore and repair factory hard chrome or nikasil plated cylinders. Specialties include:

    • Cylinder Replating
    • Diamond Honing & Boring
    • Piston Coatings

Allow us to quote your next job. We are very interested in working with you on your plating applications. We're confident US Chrome will be your best quote because of our engineering approach, exceptional customer service, and regional locations. Call or email us with your questions or coating challenges. We'll help you find answers.

Learn how US Chrome performance coatings can benefit you.


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