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U.S. Chrome Corporation - Supplier Terms & Conditions

Revised 07/24/2023

By accepting this purchase order, the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. Approved vendors shall flow down any applicable specification or other requirements to their sub-tier approved vendors to maintain consistency with the original US Chrome purchase order.
  2. Approved vendors shall maintain documentation of provided products / services per their internal operating procedure with record retention of 10 years minimum for aircraft and 40 years minimum for flight safety aircraft.
  3. Approved vendors shall maintain records of qualification and competence of employees performing required products / services.
  4. Approved vendors shall communicate with US Chrome via email or other permanent means with any issue pertaining to the required products and services.
  5. Approved vendors on-time delivery and quality performance is monitored by US Chrome.
  6. Approved vendors shall apply test, inspection and verification means for any provided product / service.
  7. Approved vendors shall use statistical techniques when specified on the purchase order as a means to accept / certify a product / service.
  8. Approved vendors are encouraged to maintain a recognized quality system. At a minimum, the quality system must be documented and ensure that the order requirements are controlled and show evidence of product and service conformity.
  9. Use customer designated or approved external providers for sub-tier processes, when applicable.
  10. Notify US Chrome in the event of a nonconforming product or service to secure our disposition,
  11. Counterfeit parts or materials are not allowed,
  12. Notify US Chrome in the event of changes to location, processes, products or services (including that of external providers) to obtain our consent and approval,
  13. Provide test specimens for inspection, verification investigation or auditing as applicable and needed.
  14. US Chrome reserves the right of entry to any approved vendor or their approved sub-tier to verify facilities and documentation at any level to ensure that products and services conform to all requirements of the original US Chrome purchase order.

Contact the Purchasing Agent listed on the purchase order with any questions related to the requirements of this order.