Chrome Alternatives

Hard Chrome Alternative & Electroless Plating

The I.D. of the housing is chrome plated 0.003

The pursuit of viable hard chrome alternative plating & electroless plating processes has been in the forefront of forward thinking companies in recent years. Reducing or eliminating the use of health and environmentally hazardous materials in the manufacturing of products is in the best interests of all… including U.S. Chrome. Recognizing this need, U.S. Chrome Corporation has investigated many “green” coating process technologies over the last decade; many claiming to be the answer for replacing hard chromium plating. Instead, we found there is no single “magic bullet” coating or process. Electroplated chromium’s unique combination of low frictional properties, high hardness and relatively low processing cost makes it difficult to replace.

Today U.S. Chrome has become a leading innovator of engineered coatings including Hard Chrome Plating alternatives and electroless plating. Our chemical and material engineering personnel have developed three successful coatings and are working on additional alternative technologies. Our NiCom (Nickel/SiC) electro-composite plating technology has enabled our customers to replace chromium plating in engine cylinder bore applications. Our TriCom (Cobalt/Cr3C2) electro-composite technology has allowed our customers to replace chrome in higher temperature, fretting wear applications such as static seals and tube seal used in gas turbine engines. Our hard TriCom (Cobalt-Phosphorous-Cr3C2) electro-composite technology has replaced hard chrome in cylinder and actuator components for our customers.

In all cases, successful chrome replacement applications require the dedicated efforts of both U.S. Chrome and our customer for the development, testing, qualifications, and implementation. Contact us now with your chrome replacement needs.

Features & Benefits of Hard Chrome Alternatives

  • Excellent sliding wear resistance
  • NLOS application
  • Superior fretting wear resistance
  • Exceptional corrosion protection
  • High temperature wear resistance
  • Good hardness & toughness

Microstructure CPSiC

Properties of Hard Chrome Alternatives

  • Temperature limitation 750F/ 400C
  • Hardness: 900-1000 HVN100

Design Recommendations

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Typical Applications of Hard Chrome Alternatives

Aerospace, Oil & Gas components, Marine, Military, Mining, and Engine Cylinders

MIL-C-26074, ASTM B733, AMS 2404