Chromium Plating on Aluminum

Hard Chrome Plating Aluminum & Electroplating Aluminum

Chrome Plating Aluminum

Aluminum offers engineers weight saving advantages in their product design; however, aluminum has poor wear and friction properties.

In addition, the surface oxide layer of this chemically active metal, which gives it corrosion resistance, makes it a very difficult metal to plate. This inherent problem is exacerbated by the vast number of alloys offered commercially.

US Chrome has developed specific proprietary pre-treatment cycles to remove the oxide layer from any aluminum alloy resulting in maximum attainable bond strengths of our hard chrome coating.


Features & Benefits of Chrome Plating Aluminum

  • Freedom of Design - New applications are possible using the light weight of aluminum combined with the durability of hard chrome.
  • Increase in Wear Life - The typical hardness of chromium is between 65-70 HRc and provides rugged durability against seizure, galling, and wear of mating parts.
  • Low Coefficient of Friction/Lubricity - Aluminum which easily galls and seizes can now benefit from chromium’s low coefficient of sliding friction.
  • Excellent Adhesion - USC offers superior bond strength of chromium on all aluminum alloys.
Chrome Plating Aluminum to Increase Wear Life

Typical Applications for Chrome Plating Aluminum

Medical, aerospace, engine components.