US Chrome and Arrow Machining


The Project

“We were completing run jobs for a company that needed a chrome finish on 10 specialized pieces for a project with NASA. Because the parts were going to end up with NASA, the chrome finish had to be perfect, and we couldn’t afford any mistakes. US Chrome came through and delivered, and all of the parts were within the required specifications.”

Exceptional Results

“I’ve been going to US Chrome for almost thirty years, and they’ve always been a great company to work with. They have finished lots of different jobs for me, such as chrome plating, ID grinding, and ID chrome, and they really know what they’re doing.”

Able to handle difficult projects

“I have a good relationship with everyone at US Chrome, and they have been a big help to me over the years. They have finished tricky parts on more than one job for us, including products for medical use or for the military. I highly recommend US Chrome.”

-Nevio Mofardin, Owner
Arrow Machining