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COVID-19 Information

U.S. Chrome Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With global partners, US Chrome understands that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting everyone around the world. We continue to closely monitor these developments and are taking steps at each of our facilities to ensure the safety and wellness of our employees as well as the general public. We are also implementing the following:
  • Ceasing public access to the facility.
  • Offering virtual meetings in lieu of face-to-face meetings.
  • Promoting employee awareness on health and safety measures.
  • Adjusting company travel to business-essential activities.
  • Rescheduling certain events.
  • Cleaning areas where there is often contact on any deliveries.

Operations Status

US Chrome provides metal finishing services at every one of our locations and to multiple manufacturing markets deemed essential. Our services are used in military/defense, aerospace, energy production, agriculture and food production manufacturing. Because we are an integral part of the supply chain needed to service essential products our country needs to operate, we will continue to operate and are open for business at all US Chrome locations.

We want to update you on the changes we’ve made in our operations in order to continue to serve our customers while restrictions are being implemented in a growing number of communities to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

All Locations Are Open With Limited Access.

We have closed public access to our locations, but our staff is available via phone or email to provide quotes, accept orders and update you on orders in progress. Options for each are provided below.

Quotes | Orders | Sales Inquiries


Call or email a request for a quote. You should contact:

Jeff Ballantyne

Fill out a form for a quote request here.


Call or email a request for a quote. You should contact:

Curtis Schmiedebusch

Fill out a form for a quote request here.


Call or email a request for a quote. You should contact:

Brycen Johnson

Fill out a form for a quote request here.

New York

Call or email a request for a quote. You should contact:

Scott Broussard

Fill out a form for a quote request here.


Call or email a request for a quote. You should contact:

Ginger Reath


Fill out a form for a quote request here.

Employee Telecommuting

On March 12th, 2020, in order to keep employees safe and to support the general public health effort to fight the spread of COVID-19, we authorized our employees that are unrestricted from telecommuting to do so. To facilitate additional personnel telecommuting we are supporting our IT department to supply any materials or access needed.

A Message To Our Employees

Protecting our employees. The health and safety of all U.S. Chrome employees is our first priority. We want everyone to feel like they are in a safe environment when they come in to work. Please take safety measures such as sanitizing and social distancing seriously as we have implemented these recommended measures for your health and safety.


Be mindful of your actions outside of work. Remember to protect your personal health when you go home. The CDC recommends staying away from large groups and to cancel events of any size that you may be hosting. Have conversations with your family about the best ways to keep everyone healthy.


Communication. We will continue to update everyone on any changes to policies or procedures. If there are widespread governmental changes that affect the company, we will let you know as soon as possible.


Positivity. Being optimistic doesn’t mean ignoring what is happening around us. It means focusing on the positive as much as possible. Showing your positive qualities helps bring out the positive qualities in others. We’re thankful for everyone’s hard work and dedication during this time.

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